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Goals and Scruples Page

The Goal

We want 100% remission of symptoms, with 0% side effects. It does not make sense to target anything less, even though this goal is not always easy to achieve.

What does “remission of symptoms” mean?

People who have struggled with anxiety and depression may be at a loss to describe what “remission” might feel like. They no longer relate to or remember what it means to feel “normal.”

A normal emotional state has its “ups and downs” but the feelings pass—they do not dog us everyday and most of the day.

Normal is a reasonable and ongoing state of contentment. A normal mood is a good mood. A normal day is a good day.

The goal for our work together is to regain that forgotten state of “normal.” Normal is great!


Have you ever tried to give a pill to a cat? It is not a win-win situation (and cats really carry a grudge.) It is equally unadvisable to push pills on people.
A promise: I will never prescribe medications for you that I would not be willing to take myself. My job is to present the available evidence; the pros and cons of any medication. I will be happy to advise you, but it is always your decision to accept or decline any treatment option or medication.

“Clients and families respond exceptionally well to Cindy. She very quickly establishes rapport with them, and always maintains their dignity.”

--Don Langenberg, Owner/Operator of
Pacific Ridge Residential Treatment
Pacific Recovery Outpatient Program


Feeling frustrated?


The most successful people are those who are good at Plan B.

James Yorke  


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Getting back your joy


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